Betting Site Banking Methods

You are of course going to need to find a way to make a deposit into any betting site account that you open, and if you have never placed sports related bets online before then you may be unaware of just how wide and varied the range of banking options are.

As such we shall now give you an overview of how you are going to be able to make a deposit into most if not all online betting sites, and many of the following deposit options can also be used to make a withdrawal of winnings too.

Pay Safe Card – There is a one way banking option that will allow you to fund your betting site account that cannot be used to make a withdrawal if you would prefer making a deposit into any betting site account using cash.

That payment method is Pay Safe Card and you need to find a store that is local to where you live that has a Pay Zone or a Pay Point sign outside it as those are the shops that sell the prepaid vouchers that Pay Safe Card have on offer. You can buy those vouchers in cash for any face value and then use the code displayed on the vouchers to make a deposit into your betting site account.

Web Wallets – If you are in the UK then there are lots of different web wallets that you can use to fund your betting site accounts they include PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. There will be fees associated with using a web wallet but they are ideal to use if you do want to keep your gambling bankroll completely separate from your bank account.

When you use a web wallet you can also use them in addition to being able to make a deposit to make a withdrawal from your betting site account. You can also ask for the web wallet company to send out a prepaid debit card which will then be linked up to your web wallet and will allow you to access the funds kept in those web wallets.

Debit Cards – If you have a bank account and have a debit card linked up to that account then you will find that using that debit card to fund any sports betting siteaccountis never going to see you having to pay any fees or charges to make a deposit.

However, you are also going to find that any betting site that allows you to fundyouraccount suing a debit card is also going to let you withdraw your winningback to that debit card.

The amount of time it will take you to receive a withdrawal or winnings back to your bank account can vary however, some payments could be instant whilst some take a few days to hit your bank account depending on which bank and what type of account you use and have.

Credit Cards – Visa credit cards can also be used to both fund an online or mobile sports betting site account and any winnings you achieve can also be sent back to your credit card. However, if you have a credit card from MasterCard then you can only use those cards to make a deposit into a betting site but will not be able to get your winnings sent back to that type of card.

One thing to keep in mind however regarding using a credit card is that some card issuers look at any transaction used to fund a betting site account as cash advances so they will attract a fee, also you will have to pay interest on any money you do not pay off on those cards when your bill comes in!